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READ THIS!!! New Mobile Homes + Office Hours for Payment of May 1, 2018

August 25, 2017

May 1, 2018  Rent



Please contact the office at 225-347-5924 to make special arrangements.


Restore Louisiana is providing new mobile homes (up to $45,000) for those homes that flood in August 2016. DON'T LET THIS OPPORTUNITY PASS YOU BY. Apply today at


Here's their statement on new homes:

Q: Why does the Homeowner Assistance Program policy only allow for replacement of mobile homes and not for repair of damaged units?

Restore Louisiana’s policy is to replace, not rehabilitate/repair, flood-damaged mobile home units to best serve the long-term housing needs of flood-affected citizens and protect homeowners from potential future environmental health hazards. Water damage to manufactured housing often results in serious structural and environmental health hazards for occupants of manufactured housing units that may not be effectively remediated with repair activities. Newer manufactured housing units are built to higher construction standards and offer more energy-efficient options that result in better utility efficiency and lower utility charges.

The Homeowner Assistance Program will provide funds for the replacement of single-wide or double-wide damaged units and the homeowner has complete control over the choice of the unit they select. The funds that may be available, depending on homeowner eligibility, are capped at $45,000 (single-wide) and $65,000 (double-wide) or the actual cost of the replacement unit, whichever is less. The funding can cover the cost, transport, set-up, and site work necessary to install the unit.

Additionally, an update to the mobile home policy has recently been approved which will allow for the use of receipts to document repairs made to mobile home units using funds received for structural repairs from federal funding sources. The receipts will be reviewed and all eligible expenditures will be used to offset Duplication of Benefits (DOB).

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