Oak Forest Estates

Community Pet Policy

February 22, 2015

No pets are allowed in the community unless approved by management.
a.         Approved pets must remain inside of the home and only allowed outside of the home when placed on a hand leash (attached to Tenant’s hand) AND when accompanied by Tenant. DO NOT CHAIN PETS IN THE YARD.
            b.         Tenant shall ONLY walk his or her dog(s) in Tenant’s own yard or in the open filed area on the other side of the third street (no exceptions). If Tenant walks his or her dog(s) outside of his or her yard, Tenant is responsible for picking up and disposing of any dog droppings.
c.         Any pets outside of the home without a hand leash will result in an immediately due and payable fine of $100.00 per unleashed pet.
d.         Failure to pick up droppings outside of the designated walking areas will result in an immediately due and payable fine of $100.00 per occurrence.
e.         Subsequent violations will result in the same fine being assessed and/or the pet being removed from the premises by the proper authorities at the expense of the Tenant. Management retains the right to bar any and all pets from the community at its sole discretion.

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