Oak Forest Estates

Lawn Maintenance Service

March 1, 2015

All home sites in Oak Forest Estates must be neatly maintained. In the spring and summer, this means you need to mow your yard ONCE A WEEK. This includes:

1. Cutting your yard,

2. Maintaining the grass (weed killing) around the home,

3. Maintaining the ditch (cutting and weed killing) behind your home.

4. Weed eating the landscape rocks on the road in front of your home.

Should you fail to keep your lawn maintained as required, please be advised that management will have your lawn cut and maintained and assess a lawn maintenance fee of $30.00 per week that MUST be paid with your rent (no exceptions).

Obviously, we would prefer you maintained your home site or arrange to have someone do so on your behalf.

If you would like to sign up for our LAWN MAINTENANCE SERVICE which can be provided at a cost of $40.00 per month (INCLUDES all lawn cutting and weed control services), please contact the office at 225-667-4454.

Should you elect not to enroll in the program, you MUST maintain your yard ONCE A WEEK.

Thank you.

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